Friday, February 5, 2010

Spelling Bee

Quick, how do you spell latitudinarian?  How about anticoagulant?  Ok, so that doesn't quite work as well as it did with the Geography Bee! 

Unfortunately for students at Woodglen School, the Annual Scripps National Spelling Bee does not provide them the words for them in print.  Fortunately, though, some of our students don't need to see the words in order to spell them. 

In January, under the direction of Mr. James Peralta, Woodglen's Enrichment Specialist, fifth through eighth graders competed in this year's Bee.  The Scripps Bee has taken place every year since 1925 when Frank Neuhauser won by correctly spelling gladiolus.  The process begins at the school level, where participating schools determine their representative to move on to the regional level.  Woodglen's champion will compete at the regional level sponsored by the Express Times.  The regional champion then moves on to compete at the national level in Washington, DC.

What does it take to be a Spelling Bee champion?  Most great spellers have a few things in common.  First of all, they are great readers.  Reading great books is the surest way to enhance one's vocabulary.  So if you want to spell well, pick up a book!  Second, they work at it.  Whether it is a word journal, having someone ask questions or even checking the dictionary on a regular basis, great spellers all have to work hard.  Finally, use spell check!  Wait a minute, that's what I do and I never even came close to winning the spelling Bee.  OK, forget that last one - if you want to go far in the Spelling Bee, you should work hard and read a lot.  Watching Akeelah and the Bee might not hurt either.

At this time, Woodglen School is proud to announce that eighth grader, Valerie Noonan is the 2010 Spelling Bee champion.  Our runner up, Paige Whitmore, is a sixth grader.  Aaron Osgood was the eighth grade runner up.  Valerie now moves on to regional competition which will take place in March. 

We are also happy to announce grade-level winners for this year's Bee:
James Webber - Fifth Grade
Niocle Kozak - Seventh Grade

We are proud to have Valerie move on to represent our school and community and look forward to watching her succeed at the next levels.  For more information about the Scripps Spelling Bee, check out their website at


Amy Whitmore said...

Paige claims that she was runner up. She said it went back and forth between her Val in the end.

Michael Rubright said...

I apologize for the original error about the bee's runner up. The initial information I received was that Aaron Osgood was the runner up. I reconfirmed and found that you were correct about Paige actually being the runner up. The change was made in the post above.