Tuesday, October 11, 2011


The "Week of Respect" at Woodglen was a success.  Throughout the week, students read about, wrote about and talked about respect.  We looked at respecting ourselves, respecting others, respecting differences, respecting the environment and respecting our futures.  Students read articles, read poems, watched a video.  They wrote essays, ideas, plans and answered questions.  They looked inward, they looked outward and they looked to the future.

In the end, our students were able to understand what respect truly means.  They were able to understand what respect looks like.  They were able to understand why respect is important.

All this is well and good and it was a great week.  But what happens next?  As we shared with students, respect must go beyond the Week of Respect.  Respect is not just a week long thing ... respect is a lifelong thing.  We encouraged students today to use the lessons learned last week as they go forward.  We want them to put everything they read about, wrote about and talked about into practice in their own lives.

If respect doesn't become part of their everyday lives, the Week of Respect cannot be considered a success.  Please join our staff as we continue to promote and live out respect every week.

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